Sunday, March 26, 2006

Team Chikin Kuiarajin - Folding@Home

This is Team Chikin Kuiarajin for the organization called Folding@Home! Folding@Home is supported by Google - ( - source). Folding@Home is a program that takes advantage of your computer when it's idle (not being used) to help further technological advances in the field of proteins, etc., to help scientists better understand illnesses and come up with a better cure for sicknesses. If you don't like being sick, and you leave your computer on without being used, please take advantage of this program. It's not a big download. If you decide to join, you may put team #49831 to join Team Chikin Kuiarajin (right click on the main screen of the program, go to "Configure", and put "49831" in the "Team Number" textbox. The idea of teams is that several people who use the same team id name are a part of a team, and you can see the statistics on the Folding website on how much time your team has collectively given, plus individual stats. Also, if you join Team Chikin Kuiarajin, your website/blog/e-mail/myspace/tagged/etc. (everything you provide) will go up on the team list, so not only are you promoting discoveries in the field of science, you're also promoting your website (or whichever), so will be more likely to get more sitehits. If your computer just sits there, why not let it do something productive? I'd like to make this a big team, so join in on the fun now!

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