Saturday, April 01, 2006

April 1st, 2006

No fooling for April Fools - finished another WU today and am at 3270/12500 (about a fourth) frames.

Total Team Stats:
Finished WUs: 2
Points Earned: 645
Team Rank: 13904 of 43485

It'd be nice if this team could grow.

Tweaks to speed up WU folding time:
1) Change your computer settings from "Adjust for Best Appearance" to "Adjust for Best Performance"... that will save RAM for your computer which means F@H can use more.
2) Turn off your screensaver, system standby, and system hibernation.
3) Leave your computer running 24/7.
4) Turn off any user accounts that aren't used ("Guest" account for ex.) because those use up RAM by being logged in.
5) Turn off your Firewall(s). Firewalls slow programs down because they have to check them first, and F@H is supported by Google, so you have nothing to worry about anyway.
6) Keep off Web Accelerators as the compress and decompress files which use up lots of RAM, meaning slower WU length- plus, they could lead to corrupted files.

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